Artificial Intelligence (AI) Emerges with CCM

May 19, 2021

AI-Powered Customer Communications Management (CCM) is fast becoming the in-thing.

Bringing information to the customer across all touch points has always been of prime importance. The pandemic created a need for new and interactive communication channels which can be integrated with cloud computing and robotics. In this scenario, innovation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in traditional CCM outputs is emerging to have a significant impact on the customer experience.

In this blog, we will study some of the areas where AI-integration with CCM has become critical to business growth.

AI Marketing Solution in Consumer Education

70% of the buyer’s journey is occurring online and consumers educate themselves before engaging with a brand. To have a competitive edge, brands need to monitor these pre-engagements.

AI-based marketing solutions track online behaviours to indicate customer interest and buying trends. Leveraging customer engagement 24/7 allows brands to provide a better experience and enhance brand image.

AI is Driving the Content Management

The world is revolving around content. AI optimizes, authors, and manages complex contents in three main areas:

  1. Content Optimization and Migrations

AI and ML help migrate, ingest, and optimize legacy content to modern environments. CCM solutions need AI’s ability to auto-tag contents from print streams, PDF files, Word documents, and other CCM tools. CCMs need Machine Learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to identify duplicate contents or inputs, and template and business rule variations. Identification with recommendations enables companies to optimise and enrich the content in terms of compliance, readability, and communications. Organizations can deliver consistent customer experiences through any channel.

  1. Effective Customer Communication with voice tech and chat bots

AI-enabled voice search tools (Siri, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa) have greater acceptance among young customers. By the beginning of 2121, 50% of all searches and shopping lists were predicted to be done through voice and 30% of searches will be done without a screen.

AI-enabled voice technologies augment digital communication for greater Customer engagement. For example, AI-driven bill payment will provide convenience to the customers and enable companies to get paid faster.

  1. Intelligent Reporting Dashboards

AI analytics create smart reporting and standardised dashboards through proactive suggestions during content creation and editing. It can intelligently supplement the information in a CCM. This results in content recycling and enterprise-wide consistency. Brand consistency is achieved in alignment with stakeholders as well as customer experience.

Hyper-Personalised Customer Communication

Personalisation is already yielding better user experience and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV.) The emergent AI is taking customer communication to the next level:

AI Empowers Non-technical Business Users

Front line employees have approved correspondence and documents at hand from Salesforce Sales, and Service Clouds. Innovation with AI-powered CCM empowers non-technical customer-facing teams to quickly respond to customers and create one-to-one personalised messages.

Intelligent Customer Journey Mapping

CCM’s customer journey builder enables marketing and customer-facing teams to create customer journey maps. They help in easy authoring, personalising, editing, and proofreading of customer journey documents and intelligent management of contents. This accelerates time to market and improves the quality of communications.

DBP is at par with innovation and emerging technologies.

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About Ashish Bhalla

Ashish has almost 30 years of industry experience in a wide range of business solutions primarily focusing on end-to-end customer experience management. He is the founder and CEO of Digital Business People (DBP), an omni-channel customer experience management company headquartered at Singapore with it’s development and delivery centers in India.

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