Building Blocks of Successful Customer Experience Transformation

April 9, 2021

What kind of experience do customers want? They:

  1. Expect to have multiple options to contact a business. 
  2. Near real-time response/solutions 
  3. Consistency of communication
  4. Their needs understood and a personalized experience
  5. Wherever necessary, they want the on-boarding process to be quick

Providing all these consistently equals a great customer experience but is humanly difficult. This is where a mix of human and technology solutions helps to:

Communicate through any customer-preferred channel

Modern consumers like to communicate with a business across various channels based on the type of inquiry. For example, email is preferred against a statement requirement, IVR for balance inquiry; for a more complex query, a live agent is preferred. Technological innovation enables seamless channel transition from a single touch-point. Channel preference management tools ensure that you’re always engaging through customer-preferred channels.

Offer quick response and solutions

Digital enablement can create highly personalized, relevant communications across every possible channel. Internally, all agents will communicate through one and consistent interface and route all conversations to a shared inbox: Making the internal processes more efficient makes the response rates and problem-solving faster. 

Achieve reliability through consistency

A centralized solution ensures a seamless brand experience for the customer regardless of the medium of communication. Automation of customer communications across channels helps employees focus on critical communication thereby ensures cost reduction, greater ROI, and revenue. 

Personalize experience using customer knowledge

Customer understanding is critical in today’s competitive market. The self-service capabilities allow marketing to make changes in communication without any IT intervention. Therefore, customers get a service that is catered to their needs faster. 

Customer knowledge helps in personalized service. Buying behaviors, history and the problems they may have faced in the past can be recorded and used to train employees. A centralized data access facility gives a complete view of what is going on and where. Beside this, market trends and customer expectations can be visualized through analytics. Data analysis helps you take strategic decisions and get a holistic view of the market and customers across channels. Powered by this knowledge you can train your employees to become customer focused.

Leading organizations use predictive analytics, machine learning, and big data to overcome the limitations of incomplete or inaccurate views of customer feedback. The actual user experience data through sophisticated feedback loops:

A good tool not only helps visualize business through data analysis it allows companies to accurately predict customer satisfaction-level and future spend.

Complete on-boarding quickly & seamlessly

Digital innovation leads to faster time to market through real-time document processing. Centralized content governance ensures consistent management across all departments. Contextual and well-populated digital forms, electronic signatures, etc. These solutions make customer on-boarding seamless. While silos are minimized it maintains legal and regulatory compliance across all communications in the company. All these reduce follow-up calls by customers and ensure customer retention.

Tune-up your business 

Digital enablement in the form of Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a ‘business’s outbound strategy. It takes customer communication to the next level.  They centralize all conversations and help marketing, sales, and service teams to optimize customer engagement. 

DBP offers customizable CCM solutions in synchronization with power BI, ® Tableau, and Quadient® Inspire. Power BI unify data from many sources, create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable data insights; Tableau is the world’s leading analytics platform for data visualization; and the Quadient® Inspire delivers engaging communications, to any channel throughout the business. 

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About Ashish Bhalla

Ashish has almost 30 years of industry experience in a wide range of business solutions primarily focusing on end-to-end customer experience management. He is the founder and CEO of Digital Business People (DBP), an omni-channel customer experience management company headquartered at Singapore with it’s development and delivery centers in India.

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