Equipping Your Teams with the Right Tools and Assessing the Quality of Customer Communication

August 12, 2021

Quadient Inspire is fast becoming synonymous with Great Customer Experience (CX)

Effective Customer Communication is the buzz word in today’s business scenario.  Therefore, in the world of in-numerous data, Quadient Inspire has a significant role for a business looking for a CCM solution.

The key is having the right tool. This is where Quadient leads the Customer Communications Management (CCM) space.

Inspire-powered CCM creates a centralised platform for customer communications across all channels and devices. It integrates the teams and processes inspiring effective collaboration and connections. These are not possible with a disconnected project, line-of-business, or channel-based approaches.

Having Quadient Inspire improves User Experience (UX) as well as Employee Experience (EX.) Therefore, having your team be equipped with the tools focussed on Quadient Inspire becomes imperative for your business success.

Quadient takes your team –
Go Beyond Traditional CCM

Quadient Inspire is set to take organisations beyond traditional CCM to context-enriched communication through a platform that includes better use of available data.

Centralize Processes

Software running on different platforms depending on the type of work requires custom interfaces and integrations, and dedicated staff. It needs a specialised skill set. Quadient’s centralised platform reduces errors, improves quality, and achieves measurable results.

Transform Customer Communications

Inspire offers agile customer communications in keeping with the fast-changing Customer needs and therefore technologies. Every customer communication is personalised, and tailor made for each of them. For example, the call management tools enable call centre staff to establish interactive and on-demand communications. It handles voluminous data in batch mode, yet it can single out customer references.

Unified Design and Content Management

Inspire creates communication templates for all physical and digital channels from a single design interface. The entire communication portfolio can be seamlessly managed (create, modify, version control) from a central compliant library. The drag and drop design approach build powerful communications and shares the content and messages across multiple channels.

Design Customer Journey Maps (CJM) through Multichannel and Context-Rich Communications

Inspire Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) tool connects Inspire’s CCM capabilities with customer experience platforms (including business intelligence tools.) Plus, they can be embedded into customer journey maps with Microsoft Power BI dashboards and charts. This directly connects a wide set of data sources and insights. This helps you:

Engage Customers with Streamlined Notifications

The mobile and in-app push notifications with feature-rich content (images, text, and action links, and buttons) increase response rates. Each engagement can be tracked and examined before delivering for omni-channel notifications (mobiles, tablets, and smartwatches).

Easy Migration Nimble CCM Infrastructure

Old legacy systems, outdated data are transformed into a nimble, effective, and unified customer communications infrastructure. InspireXpress applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to quickly retire legacy CCM systems, saving cost and effort.

All these finally help in –
Bring core goods and services for any defined market

All presales activities and the structure that supports them are enhanced for execution, creating responsiveness. Direction change is mobilised and made flexible offering a competitive edge in keeping with customer needs, market dynamics, and brand promotion.

Once your organization establishes the Inspire rhythm you have
Overall Viability

Assess financial health of your company and its unit and their investment priorities.

Strong Operations and Business Models
  1. Meet goals and commitments.
  2. Sound and logical business proposition as per the organisational goal.
Complete Market Understanding

Translate buyers’ requirements and needs and translate those into products and services. You can create sales and marketing strategies

  1. Streamline internal communications within the organization and publicise in websites, advertising, customer programs, and positioning statements.
  2. Sell using an appropriate network and extend the scope and depth of market reach, skills, expertise, technologies, services, and the customer base.
Create Product Strategy

Enhance product development approaches and delivery as per current and future requirements.

Vertical/Industry Strategy

Direct resources, skills, and offerings to meet the specific needs of specific market segments.


Innovation around resources, expertise, or capital for investment, consolidation, defensive or pre-emptive purposes.

Geographic Strategy

Meet the specific needs of customers outside the “home” or native geography (directly or through partners, channels, and subsidiaries) that fits that geography and market.”

Digital Business People helps organisations to create a streamlined and unified CCM platform to deliver a complete omni-channel customer experience while empowering your team to use the related tools. Digital Business People is a Delivery Partner to Quadient helping its customers to implement the solution honing on the usage with its functions to the fullest.

Interested to discuss more please visit us at www.dbppl.com or write to us at ashish.bhalla@dbppl.com

About Ashish Bhalla

Ashish has almost 30 years of industry experience in a wide range of business solutions primarily focusing on end-to-end customer experience management. He is the founder and CEO of Digital Business People (DBP), an Omni-channel customer experience management company headquartered in Singapore with its development and delivery centers in India.

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