Role of CCM in Your Customer’s Journey

February 2, 2021

In today’s digital business space, customers’ journey must meet an effective CCM strategy.

With the advancement of digital technology, customer expectations are becoming more and more demanding. Correctness, usefulness, and consistency of communications, personalization, and meeting their expectations across all channels and finally seamless delivery of communication is crucial for the #success of any business. The process is complex. It involves assembling content from numerous documents, data from various touch points, and stored information from core applications.

Customer journeys often involve myriad communication #management tools. For example, marketing automation software or a customer experience platform may be used for campaign management and for streamlining the marketing process. For customer service solutions to organize and orchestrate individualized customer engagements are also used.

However, a comprehensive CCM solution can affect in unique customer experience through:

This is why a good CCM platform compliments a customer journey mapping tool well for brands to be able to provide a great customer experience.

Smooth customers journey with well-strategized CCM

According to KPMG’s “Excellence in customer experience” report (2018), 100 Italian companies scored better than their British counterparts. They achieved this by successfully implementing a few elements that drive customer relations. These elements can be quickly achieved through the implementation of a strong CCM strategy:

  1. Personalization ─ CCMs effectively use Machine Learning (A subset of AI) that helps process customer data efficiently and generate higher and appealing and personalized offers. ML leverages communication systems to use data for task automation. Based on the available #data it helps identify the most appropriate content required for a customer. Besides, it brings past communications at finger-tips for creating transparent and personalized customer communication. Therefore, super-personalized communication can be formed to enable organizations to predict customer behaviour, take actions on them for enhancing the quality of customer experience.
  2. Empathy & Integrity ─ CCM solutions continually optimize document creation, delivery, archival/storage, extraction, and retrieval. Successful customer communication is giving patient hearing to customer problems, giving them accurate information as per the turnaround time; keep them informed of the progress as customers wait for resolution; be attentive, block distracting noises, and acknowledge their trouble with honesty and without short-cuts. You can achieve all these when you have a strong document and retrieval system a CCM offers.
  3. Expectations ─ AI-powered CCM platforms are intelligent, effective, and efficient. They can handle complex, structured, personalized, and Omni-channel customer communications. Big data #analytics can analyze the ever-growing and multi-channel customer interactions and create a new level of customization based on preferences, behaviors, and actions. Organizations can use these data-based customer profiles and create a communications strategy according to customer expectations.
    Capabilities like content optimization and assisted authoring help enterprises deliver dynamic content in real-time. AI can transform and rationalize legacy communication templates into a modern and centralized communication platform and deliver outputs across channels. It creates interactive data deployments for an enhanced customer experience and consistent communication.
  4. Resolution ─ CCM solutions synchronize all channels and touch points in customer engagement: email, ecommerce site, telephone, social media, messenger services (SMS, WhatsApp), web sites and chat boxes. Therefore, companies can create an infrastructure to future-proof their communications.
  5. Time and Commitment ─ Quadient Inspire use cloud computing to deliver powerful and flexible cloud deployments (hybrid, and on-premise) and free businesses’ infrastructural silos, and future-proof their communications abilities. A strong CCM reduces the time and effort required to develop, test, deploy, and maintain documents enabling faster communications to market faster with greater flexibility and highly scalable performance as per any SLA.

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About Ashish Bhalla

Ashish has almost 30 years of industry experience in a wide range of business solutions primarily focusing on end-to-end customer experience management. He is the founder and CEO of Digital Business People (DBP), an omni-channel customer experience management company headquartered at Singapore with it’s development and delivery centres in India.

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