Development of a Web Application to Help Retail Counter Staff

Development of a well integrated Web Application to help Improve Customer Experience by adding efficiency and automation for Retail Counter Staff

Project Background

The client wanted a web application for its counter staff to be used at multiple branches to perform transactions for Deposit by money, Deposit by gold, Deposit collateral, Withdraw by money, Withdraw by gold, Withdraw collateral, Payment, and Receipt.

The Client

The client is the largest gold trading company in Thailand. The company had been in business for over 70 years. They started with selling jewellery as their main business with the core focus on gold texture and quality through the era of buying for beauty and collecting. Gold began to develop into Trading Gold bullion for investment. The company has therefore developed services to make customers more convenient with a reference price of gold bars of the Gold Trade Association of Thailand and the price of gold is presented according to international standards so that investors can trade at any time. The company also expanded its operations into Singapore.

The Task

To improve the customer service and customer handling at the retail counters, the client wanted to transform the manual process over the counters when customers visit their branches involving keying in the transactions (buy and sale) and settlement records manually in the robust ERP System (a robust SUN system with browser interface) and an open legacy system. The manual process is time-consuming and cumbersome. The final records were also manually entered into the existing ERP system.

The challenge

The main challenge for the client was that no application was managing the manual entries at the time of serving the retail customers at the counter. Each of the processes involved manual keying of records into the ERP system which not only involved duplication of work, extra time but there was some scope for errors as well. The whole process used to take lot of time of the staff in managing entries and time in serving the clients over the counter.

What did we do?

We developed an application to perform end-to-end automation of the cash deposit and withdrawal process, bank transfer process, gold deposit and withdrawal processes, collaterals deposit and withdrawal processes process and settlement processes. The application was well integrated with the SUN system and Open Legacy system thru RESTful APIs. The manual processes were replaced by automatic data updating into the SUN system and Open legacy system.


Our program completely replaced the manual processes. The staff at the counter serves the customer faster and all the entries made at the counter, the counter program creates a transaction to the SUN system directly. As a result:

  1. The counter staff can record transactions directly through the counter program resulting into saving lot of time to complete the process.
  2. The counter program will create the record into the SUN system in real-time for all transactions.
  3. Generation of settlement receipts, account statements, etc. has become easier and quicker.
  4. The counter staff can choose to print or send an e-mail to the client through the counter program and the SUN system will generate an invoice for printing or send an e-mail to the client instantly resulting in far better customer service and hence improving trust in the brand.
  5. If the client chooses to have a hard copy invoice, that too can be printed from the system. In addition, a client’s position is updated following each transaction (withdrawal or deposit of cash or gold) by an incremental file to FTP.
  6. After each process, our program verifies data and imports it into the client’s system.
  7. The staff and management can generate various reports in real-time bases on money transactions, gold transactions and collateral transactions.
Technologies/Solutions Used

Ms.Net, C#, HTML5, Angular 11, MS SQL Server

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