Merger of Multiple Salesforce Accounts at Group Level

Merger of Multiple Salesforce accounts at Group Level and Integration of their WordPress based Website, LinkedIn and MailChip to Utilise Digital Channels Efficiently

The Client

The client is a Singapore headquartered multinational human resource practice group. The group has three distinct line of business under it, namely –

  1. Payroll software
  2. Recruitment and staffing
  3. Managed payroll outsourcing

These services are provided with three different brand names in the South East Asian Region.

Project Background

Different line of business were using different Salesforce accounts to manage their individual client relationships. As a strategic move, to be able to leverage on each other’s strengths and cross selling, the client wanted to

  1. Integrate all three business line accounts through Salesforce.
  2. Generate a Web-to-lead HTML code from Salesforce with all the fields that are required to be exposed. Add the code into WordPress and test the connectivity with WordPress.
  3. Integrate Salesforce App Exchange with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  4. Integrate Salesforce App Exchange with MailChimp.
The Task

Consolidating all the accounts under the group. There were differences in the data sets:

  1. For recruitment business, we needed to migrate the contacts and companies’ information.
  2. We required the Payslip data to be migrated so that there is no loss of historical information.
  3. Integration of our WordPress’s WP Forms with Salesforce.
  4. Integrate the web leads.
  5. Integration of LinkedIn’s Lead Form generation with Salesforce – link
  6. Integration of MailChimp with Salesforce and also ensure contacts in Salesforce are in sync with our MailChimp.
  7. Generation of client ID based on a logic set for identification.
 What did we do?
Account Integration

After studying the relationship hierarchy a configuration plan was created. The data load was done following Salesforce configuration parameters specifications in the process-conf.xml file and the UI settings. The workflows, process builders, validations rules, and triggers were inactivated. We implemented a design pattern-call Trigger Factory on each trigger of the applications to make them inactive on production at the time of Data load.

Once all the data load process was complete, we performed QA, fixed errors, and reloaded the data.

Web to Lead

We generated a Web-to-lead HTML code from Salesforce with all the fields that are required to be exposed. The code was then added to WordPress and we tested the connectivity and made fixes accordingly until the integration is successful.

LinkedIn Integration

For integration, we used the Salesforce AppExchange LinkedIn integration tool. First, the SalesForce Setup and configuration were run. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator app was installed after creating a LinkedIn account. Permissions for the application and authorized redirect link were created. To check the integration we performed a QA and made fixes.

to integrate and get data from LinkedIn, we used LinkedIn REST API and wrote our custom code in Salesforce. Then our developers registered the authorized users to go to the REST API console and allowed them access through access tokens.

MailChimp Integration

We first installed the Salesforce integration in the client’s Salesforce account to sync data with MailChimp. For this, we used the enterprise Unlimited We then connected the client’s Salesforce account to MailChimp by running the setup and configuration from the AppExchange listing. We made sure that the installation is complete without any hindrance to ensure a successful connection.

We used the Salesforce Rest API to develop a custom application using our custom code. The Salesforce leads from the MailChimp subscribers who aren’t already Salesforce leads or contacts were created. We then enabled permission sets for the MailChimp users to view MailChimp data in Salesforce. MailChimp Admins can now view MailChimp data and use the Query Builder to build queries in Salesforce. We synced and turned on data sync and lead creation.

All these were thoroughly tested and fixes were made wherever necessary.

Generation of Client ID

To generate the client ID, we wrote a trigger on the Opportunity object with the details of the requirements; then performed a QA on accessibility.


All data was successfully loaded during account integration without any leakage or data loss.

The LinkedIn integration created a seamless sales prospecting experience for the client representatives. They can publish content through WordPress, access in-mail messages, save leads and lead lists, and lead account alerts, tag, and exchange notes.

The MailChimp Salesforce field mapping allowed the client to link and share the data that they have collected via email campaigns with the Sales team. The company can create leads and retain the existing customers through consistent communication and attractive content, create customer segments and avoid making tedious updates through automation.

Technologies/Platforms Used

Salesforce Sales Cloud,, WordPress, MailChimp, LinkedIn

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