Isolation Economy Solutions

Enable social distancing for your business with our digital transformation solutions for day-to-day business workflows and empower your team with remote work solutions

The Isolation Economy is based on the principle that people will travel less for any kind of work, rather they will mostly work from home to complete their regular activities. In such a scenario, you don’t go out much to the marketplace for things, they rather come to you.

These are solutions that COVID-19 has pushed businesses to adopt quickly to empower their employees to effectively work from home without much or any impact on their productivity. Many of these changes that people and businesses are adopting, may go back to old norms once the situation becomes normal, while some of these will become permanent as a part of our personal and professional life.

While businesses are helping adopt employees, they also need to empower and enable their customers to buy with the “New Normal” or “Changed Buying Patterns”, mostly online using digital channels. This means not only customers should be enabled but organizations should also be ready to sell, service and deliver their products and services digitally with a great customer experience. A manager can no longer tell his team members that they cannot work from home – instead needs to provide correct tools and solutions to empower them to work more efficiently from their homes. This need is continuously pushing companies to leverage digital transformation solutions to automate the operational workflow processes and for some to even re-evaluate the way they do business.

There is a significant impact in the retail and purchase behaviour of consumers as well. While online buying and delivery services are increasing. According to Adobe Digital Economy Index published in July 2020 – “Buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) has shown a string YoY growth, with July ticking up slightly (23.3%) in usage over June, amid increases in COVID-19 cases across the U.S.”

With customers remaining unsure about buying in store, DBP expects similar trends to pick up across the globe, with increased requirement for retailers to gear up for omni-channel customer communication and engagement solutions. Large multi brand retailers like Walmart are seeing their online sales increase by almost 97% in the second quarter of 2020. According to a report published by EconomicTimes in geographies like India, which is one of the fourth largest retail market in the work – e-retail is primed to reach nearly 300 to 350 million shoppers over the next five years – propelling the online Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) to $100 to 120 billion by 2025. This growth in e-commerce increases the need for data connections to across online, in-store and warehouses, including data and documentation for logistics.

Solutions for Digitally Transforming your Internal Workflows

Consult with our advisors to help you prioritise your digital transformation needs and find the right solutions for adapting and managing your business remotely. Some examples of these solutions are:

  • Business Process Automation solutions through robust RPA implementation for reducing human dependence and intervention for mundane repetitive tasks
  • Enterprise content management solutions
  • Leverage CCM solutions like Quadient Inspire to tackle the challenges that include department silos and legacy systems to deliver consistent experience across all channels via a single platform
  • Digitally transform your account receivables and compliance documentation
  • Digitally transform your paper forms and templates to web and mobile
  • Enablement of your logistics and supply chain with proof of delivery without paper contact, etc.
  • BI solutions for real time – dashboard based – remote access of critical business data for crucial decision making
  • Solutions for retailers to help you shift store employee roles to contactless roles and to make connections with your online customers

Solutions for selling to and engaging with your customers

To give your customers a great and seamless experience through all possible digital channels, the frontend should be intuitive and engaging, while back end applications should be well integrated for a quicker and speedy processing of information with some level of personalization, hiccup free customer digital onboarding, order booking, order servicing with speedy delivery of the placed orders with customers been able to track the shipment and delivery status, finally they should be able to provide real-time feedback for further improvement of the services.

While there are many things that businesses need to adopt to run successfully in the isolation economy, Digital Business People (DBP) can help in some of the critical aspects of customer experience management of your business with various solutions like:

  • Customer Communication Management solutions for business to adopt to omni channel ways to communicate with the customers
  • Customer’s digital onboarding
  • Great Customer experience in every digital touchpoints
  • Solutions to integrate store operations and eCommerce for retail
  • Business Intelligence solutions to strategize and adopt to the rapidly changing environment
  • WCMS and Campaign Management solutions for connecting and tracking customer preferences
  • Cloud strategy and deployment by leveraging the cloud solutions suitable to your needs
  • Have better 360 degree view of your customer with deployment of the right CRM solution for your needs
  • Engage your customers, promote and sell through mobile applications

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