Digital Business People Pte. Ltd. announces flexible ‘work from home’ policy in the light of COVID

Wednesday, April 01st 2020

Singapore Digital Business People (DBP) a digital transformation company headquartered in Singapore, today announced a flexible work from home (WFM) policy for its employees due to social distancing norms in the wake of the COVID pandemic. 

“We are a digital transformation company, and as we are helping a lot of our clients implement tools and solutions to seamlessly manage work better remotely, we need to set an example by doing so within our own organisation as well. There are a lot of DBP employees working on client sites – for some of them this policy may not be applicable depending upon the client requirements and the (WFM) policy prevalent at the respective client offices,” said Ashish Bhalla – Founder and CEO of DBP. 

Many companies across the globe are following suit to encouraging work from home after a series of such announcements by many large technology companies like Twitter and Facebook. Some of them have even suggested that their employees may be able to choose work from home forever, while some of them feel it would be the new normal for a long time to come. There are however few contrarian views from companies like Microsoft about such a policy affecting employee health negatively. 

About DBP

Digital Business People Pte. Ltd. is a technology outsourcing firm helping brands and businesses’ digital transformation with a key focus on omni-channel customer experience and engagement management. Founded in 2018, the company is headquartered in Singapore and has its offshore development centres in India. DBP offers a wide spectrum of solutions that include Customer Communication Management (CCM), Web Content Management (WCMS), Campaign Management, BI & Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, CRM, Application Development and Managed Services, amongst others. The company believes that both internal and external customers connect, through future ready technology solutions are a critical component of any business. DBP’s services and partnerships are centred around this philosophy. The company has strong partnerships with some leading global companies namely SAP, Quadient, Adobe, Intense Technologies, XpertDoc, Objectif Lune, Sisense, and Dimensional Insight amongst others. DBP has been listed amongst the Top 20 salesforce consultants in Singapore and is also a member of Singapore Fintech Association. Visit for more information. 

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