Campaign Management System

A right Campaign Management solution will help your organization automate your communication with your target audience

A right Campaign Management solution will help your organization automate your communication with your target audience by planning, segmenting, executing, tracking delivery, reporting and analysis of marketing campaigns and promotions. It will allow your organization to execute and optimize multiple campaigns across multiple channels with the right and targeted messages based on specific segmentation and real-world analysis.

A good Campaign Management Solution will also help your organization to optimize and simplify the management of marketing operations and enable your organization with multi-channel message delivery capabilities. You can then deliver the message in the mode your target audience wants them to be delivered. It also enables you to track and measure the performance of your campaigns in real-time.

Campaign Management platform will benefit your organization in improving the quality of customer experience by streamlining your marketing communications. Campaign Management platform has some distinctive advantages of managing campaigns across channels through one solution:

  • Personalized messaging with multilevel segmentation of your target audience helps better call to action from your existing and new customers.
  • Consistency in communication with your customers helps improve customer experience and hence better customer retention.
  • Single cross-channel view of the customer to provide intelligence for better upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Better measurement of the Return of Investment (ROI) of your marketing budget. It will empower you to take a decision where you should invest your marketing budget more.
Reduce Lead Time

With the help of automation and campaign management tools one can reduce the time between planning and roll-out of your campaigns across multiple channels

Single Interface & multiple component

A campaign management solution helps you to manage many components of your marketing campaign from a single interface

Collaborate across teams

A campaign management solution helps you collaborate and access the campaign by multiple team members across geographies in real time

Tracking & Tracing in Real Time

The campaign management solutions allow you to track and trace the effectiveness of each campaign in real time. This helps in modification and customisation of the campaigns in real time

Quick Modifications for better ROI

Due to the real time tracking and tracing ability, the campaign manager gives the benefit of rapidly changing and modifying your campaigns to give better ROIs for each campaign

Customisation and personalisation

Since customer behaviour and reactions are easily captured real time in a campaign management solution, it allows you to increase the effectiveness of the campaign by giving more customised messaging to targeted clusters of customers

DBP’s Campaign Management team help you choose the right solution and implement it for you from the following range of campaign management solutions

  • Sitecore Campaign Creator
  • Adobe Campaign Manager
  • Salesforce Campaign
  • Mailchimp Plugin for WordPress

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