Customer Communication Management

Enhance the way you connect with your customers seamlessly across multi-channels via globally tried and tested solutions

On the digital transformation journey of your company, a right Customer Communication Management (CCM) Platform will help your organization overcome the inherent obstacles of assembling the information and delivering it through various channels. The millennial and digital native generation has changed the way brands had been doing business for so long. The expectations of customers have evolved with the advancement of digital technology. They want to consume information the way it makes sense to them, whether it is through a single channel like a website, social media, blogs, email, SMS, mobile or online chat. Tailoring these communications, making them personalized to meet the expectations of individuals, giving them the same information irrespective of the channel they chose to consume the information and finally seamless delivery of these messages is complex. It involves assembling content from various existing documents, variable data from various heterogeneous systems and information stored in other core business applications.

With an increasing number of channels for customer communication, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to connect and engage with their customers via the channel of their choice. More and more customers today are demanding real-time communication across multi-channels, unlike the era of single preferred channels of communication of yesteryears. DBP has therefore partnered with some leading CCM Solution platforms to fulfil these needs. These CCM solutions provide brands and businesses with application(s) and tools to improve outbound communications for improved creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound communications for both internal and external customers. We help you identify and implement the best solution suited for your need(s), this includes managing various kinds of customer communications for marketing, new product introductions, renewal notifications, claims correspondence and documentation, bill and payment notifications, amongst others. The solutions thus help you manage customer interactions that can happen through a widespread range of media and output including printed as well as digital documents, email(s), web pages, text messages mobile applications and various other touch-points.

Integrated Solution

Integrated solution to manage the complete end-to-end customer communications management process

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with existing business systems and applications for workflow management


Omni-channel communication solution with integrated online, mobile, e-messaging, social media and print deliveries

Regulatory Compliant

Regulatory compliant solution for entire CCM Process

Analytics & Reporting

Real time reports with insights and analytics

Document Composition

Interactive document generation with ease

Quadient Inspire
Advisory & Consulting Services

Benchmarking & professional consultancy
Recommendations for improvement and enhancement

Template Development
Template Development

Creation of forms to manage data sets from multiple sources
Template designs as per needs of business process owners
Configuration of business rules and workflows

Development & Integration
Development & Integration

Development of end-to-end solutions for BFSI, utility, telecom industry.
Batch, interactive & dynamic communication
Bank statements, cheques & invoices, 401K plans, benefits, booklets, energy bills, letters, etc.

Version Upgrades & Migration
Version Upgrades & Migration

Legacy versions to newer ones
From legacy composition tool to the latest version of a new age CCM solution(s)

QA & Testing
QA & Testing

Output based testing
Output comparison testing
Automated testing

Managed Services
Managed Services

L1, L2 & L3 support
Change request/ enhancement

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