Application Development & Testing

Develop web and mobile applications to connect and engage with your customers and enhance business productivity

Constantly evolving customers flickering across multiple mediums and channels makes it increasingly difficult for brands and businesses to retain and engage with customers. DBP provides end-to-end application development services on MS.Net and Java technologies for web applications while iOS and Android for mobile applications to meet your specific business and brand needs.

We help you leverage your investment in IT systems to overcome your specific business problems through an affordable cost of ownership. We help you develop both web and mobile applications to automate your internal business processes or build a product to address common business challenges and to drive innovation. We have also helped various brands to create consumer outreach and engagement applications to connect with them via mobile applications in real time. These applications not only ensure returning customers but also increase brand loyalty and long-term engagement with those loyal customers.

DBP Software Development Life Cycle

DBP aims to help you with end-to-end software development through the use of the proven traditional SDLC (Software development life cycle) model in most cases. However if the need arises we follow adaptive agile methodology and approach for projects in which clients may require an incremental software development approach.

Requirement Gathering & Solution Design Phase consists of
  • Functional requirement analysis
  • Functional solution architecture of the application
  • Finalization of the Functional Design Document (FDD)
Technical Design Phase consists of
  • Prototype showcase
  • Database structure and design
  • Finalization of Technical Design Document (TDD)
Application Development Phase consists of
  • Screens design with great user experience
  • Agreement of coding standards
  • Coding of the application
  • Unit testing
Application Testing Phase consists of
  • Testing of application for features, functions & flow
  • Testing of application for performance
  • User Training
  • User Acceptance Testing
Application Deployment Phase consists of
  • Application deployment at client’s data centre
  • Application deployment at third party data centre and/ or the cloud
Application Testing & Assurance

While your organization embarks on the digital transformation journey through various high-performance software applications that offer a seamless customer experience across multiple departments and functions of the organization to achieve competitive advantage, they need to be thoroughly tested for quality of their development, customization and integration from both functional and non-functional aspects. DBP helps your organization in shaping your digital future with our wide range of application testing services. We ensure that you are able to keep up with the challenges and demands of the current digital technological landscape and strive towards continuous operational efficiency, quality services and great customer experience across traditional and digital touch points. We provide a range of testing services for software applications and digital technologies that will help you keep your organization steps ahead of your competitors.

End-to-end application testing services including
  • Manual Functional Testing
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing including
    • Baseline Testing
    • Performance Testing including
      • Load Testing
      • Stress Testing
    • Compatibility Testing including
      • Cross-Browser Testing
      • Cross-Platform Testing

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